Friday, December 14, 2007

girls and crying

why when it comes to crying, girls always win right?
they will be well armed when time comes
to use their this undefendable weapon against us(males-the defenseless and innocent creatures).
how come we don't have such weapons * the biggest wonder eh!.*

its like they think they can do any thing (im mean any thing) - an old aged misconception i would say.

i aint saying that they are hosepipes ready burst but [mwahaaa] actually they are!

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bulhaa said...

and amazingly, even though men do know that women sometimes use their tears to persuade and get their own way, they STILL succumb to it. stupid men :P

mode said...

good point.
But my theory is:-
If we -males, don't do that all those tears shed wouldn't be worth. We are not that harsh, you kno.

ie cco said...

some are harsh u know and some are like lets say "hihbali" so they end up crying. even i have seen a lot of males do it so don't go judging women like that. but yeah women got the higher percentage in crying like that cuz thats how they are built to. they are emotionally not able to hold them. but there are a few who are excellent in hiding their emotions too. but still i dont think critisizing like that is good.

PemPeNeyNo AnEsThEyShiYa said...

i agree.. and infact, i've experienced it on my own.. guys, they arnt that brave either.. well in my case i wouldnt agree that girls use the weapon "crying" everytime.. they would! but when its the right time!! actually, it depends!!

blinkgurl said...

crying is not a sign of weakness, it is an emotion, caused by pain, fear, happiness,love,hate...
Woman r not scared of wat their friends r going to think wen they cry, Men r...Most men see crying as weakness for a man, but either way, male or female I see it as a sign of strength, Some ppl r sensitive n get very emotional very quickly n cry a lot, and then there r other ppl who r not, some people can handle their emotions well until a braking point n some ppl have no control over them.
people have feelings and wen those feelings are hurt, we need to let it out somehow.
Women are not the only ones who cry, men cry too, they just don't do it as often, becux well, it is called the "The male EGO" and they are tough and their to protect, they don't want anyone to know that sometimes they just need to cry as well..So come on boys let it out, we wont laugh at u, if anything we will just love u more. LOL =p

mode said...

i-kko, D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> and blinkgurl actually i dont hav any thin personal against females who cry( or males in som cases).
Its just useless in most cases.
Any boy plz help me!!!!!

Naina said...

yeah but sometimes its the other way round too... the men are more sensitive :P its not the girls always.

shweetikle said...

*buma hihlanee*

laa haula! eoh blinky ge commented fenifa biru ves ganehje! hehe..

mode said...

shweeeeet! hama asluves ma birun echekey bunan nukerigen miulheneeeeee *shiver*