Monday, December 17, 2007

Eid thahniya

wait up i should say these things!
why all the blogs becomin vai now days?
whats happenin?
its because of December vacation and the Eid comin up?
and ppl are goin this way to here and that way to there?
to spend the vacation!

Eid mubarik all my buddies here in blogsphere. and all muslims in the world.
i should say that al'haa Eid(eid-ul-al-haa) ge thahuniyaa aaai mubaarik baaadhee emme hai faraai thaka aris kurame.
more lively; mubaarik baaadhee burusaaalaa spray kollame :p

my mobile sufferin from signal deficiency. actually caused by lack of signals from Dhiraagu. Im prayin that it will be okay before the eid or else im switchin to wataniya( alas, it not goood either).

for the last,
Salute for people like me who are stuck at home :D

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ie cco said...

eid greetings =)

blinkgurl said...

Happy Eid :)

anjelica said...

Eid Greetings to U...... :)

lilly said...

hey!!! yh dho??? midhuvas kolhu aslu chutty v ma dhen varah response ves nulibey... and yh eid mubarik to u tooo

yellowbanana said...

happy eid