Tuesday, December 25, 2007

childhood sweethearts

don't get me wrong here.[i didnt meet anybody lately]
but i had this funny thot that almost all of us
have had childhood sweethearts.
dont ya think so!
lies are intolerable(exaggeration are welcome though) in my blog so for one second think about the funny things u hav done.
and say whether u had one in ur childhood!

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Naina said...

heck yeah *dreamy eyes*

Hammett said...

hehe.. well yea!!
amazing hair.. stright, thick, n not so long..sways so nicely when she turns around.. that tender smile.. Why haven't I forgotten all this... it still as fresh as I was 10 years old.. it started in gr.4.. i realized in gr.7.. and had complications.. what u call, best friend, comes in the middle.. leaving me in a dream world till gr.10.. hehee.. she's married with 2 kids now.. of course, to someone else...
lucky me!!

ie cco said...

lol everyone had keke i did have too err i guess

aesha said...

hehe yeah puppy love! i once sent this letter to this guy and got busted to all of his frends..dunno whether he got it or not, but they made fun outta me! keke

wel even now he lives on the same block as my place and i see him almost everyday!

gets a lil tingling in my heartbeat but hoo cares its puppy love nothin else

.mini said...

i guess i had one too
cant remember much *eye roll*

derangedgirl said...

i was the shy kid so i never sent letters or anything but i use to write letters for my friends crushes and they got attracted to me. it was kinda funny though

Hammett said...

I use to write letters u know.. the 1st one i wrote; teacher caught me with it in the class.. n guess, whos' the recepeint.. his sister.. i got busted to my mom.. hehe.. unforgettable memories...!!

mode said...

Radvixen*siigh* cute dhoa
Hammett u sure hav a good memory buddy. ekm dho dats hard to forget. evn for me too
I-kko hmm hmmm hmmm
aesha many ppl got busted dhoa. ekm now its *blushes* to think abt it dhoa.
.mini ya my funny thot is correct all this time. heheh. thweeet memories dhoa
derangedgirl oh may be i fall in to ur category dhn. i used to write lil poems for ma friends too. but not luck enough as u are i guess. nevr knew dat som one was after me. we nevr kno for sure lol =)
Hammett som body covr my imagination i cant look *rex frm toy story* lol. dats one hell of romantic story. ya those teachrs were the villians in our lil romantic movies. we shud kick their butts(actin as if they havent been puppy love).....:P

thn comes my lil story dhoa
ya i had one
one with this nice big black eyes
she used to sit right next to me frm gr1 to 5. wrote many 1-sentence letters. she nevr saw it. and she went another island to study gr6.
i hav seen her a year ago.
might hav married now.

heheh thnx alll for sharin this lil sweet memories

shweetikle said...

wellll..wen i was in grade one, the girl who was my best frend then and i had the same crush n guess wat, we were okay with that! =s
we used to tease him and even go over to his place and our parents teased us too! =\

weird huh? thats just puppy love as aesha says! and i havent even seen him in ages! =\

bugeee said...

kies nice memories sharing everybody why all of us proud to say i ahve sweet memories y shoudnt anybody says their bad memories and the things you did bad its also need and shar then come to know the conclue other wise you always wl be .................................................................................................. jazakallah to ol

shhaviyani said...

unforgettable memories

mode said...

shweeeeet!really. hhehhhe actually thats very nice. no problems hehehe
bugeeeya buddy we will share bad o happy memories here
whn the time comes
dont forget to drop by
thnx shweeeeet! and bugeee

mode said...

shhaviyani oh yea *smiles*.
PS:what shhaviyani stands for?? *scratches head*

hudhuhandhu said...

heheh nice stories everyone..
i guess i have had my fair share of crushes..
but none of them ever seemed to work out..Lucky me i guess =P :)

mode said...

hudhuhandhu doesn't matter right? thnx for droppin by *smiles*

bulhaa said...

i dont remember having one.
but my mom says that i did!
lol. apparently i would say that he is my 'boyfriend' and would constantly talk about him