Friday, December 28, 2007


its not been long since
i got this gift
its not ordinary and simple
its very special
it came in the form of a human
came in the form of you
maybe this is the time for good byes
you will always be my friend

i hav lost my touch in poems i guess
any way this is for u
and sorry i couldn't go and ceeyou in person


Naina said...

hm its alright...not so bad ;)
thanks for the comments on my blog
i love your template!

ie cco said...

poem aint that bad u know :)

derangedgirl said...

atleast u wrote that right?

mode said...

Radvixen thnx. template *smiles*
I-kko oh really thnkx thnx
derangedgirl thankx thankyou

.mini said...

poems mean a lot for the person you've written it to
so im sure that it will mean a lot to this someone too

Hammett said...

good one man.. keep bringing... happy new year.. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Good one mode... keep it up!! :D

mode said...

.mini hehehe lets hope dat the person i wrote this for sees it!
Hammett thnkx hammie
Anonymoushhe thankx

thnx alllllllll!!!