Monday, November 5, 2007


Oooh its me again knockin in the door of the mvblogsphere.
Past threeee days i had some dump should-hav-been-abolished-years-ago-entrance-examination papers to process. Been enterin the candidates marks one by one wonderin whn will thse old fellows would stop torturin us and abolish thse stuupid exams.
My head is killin me. My finger are itchy. ** eeeeh aah**
It finished last night around 1:30. So there was me the happiest guy u can imagine**lalalallallala*.
Sleeepin.......then suddenly my phon goes mad. Its ONLY 8:33, its really morin 4 o'clock for me. One invigilator again faild to come on tym as usual.
So poor old meself has to drag the lazy body of mine to the examination hall before 8:45(secret: actually dat gives me 100 bucks okay)
Im pissd off because its for the 4th, mind you dats foooourth tym in this month i was deprived of the sweeet slyp i deservd, under all the constitutions that are bein written.... wht im talkin abt... back to the slyp again.


shweetikle said...

u an ivigilator? cool..which skool?
and umm..nice template =)
its unique..

ie cco said...

hehe invigilators dho.. i als got it but nudhiae cuz im such a lazy ass to wake up in the morning!!! *yawns*