Sunday, November 11, 2007

weird! strange!

There's somethin strange about writtin posts in blogs when you are in bed half-asleep, half-awaken, even more strange if you post usin ur mobile eh!
Well dats what im doin right now. Actually this is weird, down-right weird??
Im feelin i-dunno-wat-im-feelin. Today I talked to very close two friends of mine on da phone. We hav never talked or met since 2003. Though we haven't contacted each other ever since it seems dat nothin has changed, as if its yesterday we last saw each other not years ago.
This is what happened with one of them. When i was talkin on phone i could hear a baby mumblin den i asked whos mumblin she replied dat its her kid:) And it really is.sweet hehe.


XefroX said...

hehe wow..btw what makes u to call her?? ur X o sumthing..hehe dun mind jus a tot..hehe..cheeeers

mode said...

hehhehe no nothin lyk dat xef bro

.mini said...

yeah thatd be sweet
but if its a friend of mine
and if she hadnt told me
and if i knew it that way
i wudve gone and kicked her ass
bunanvaaney baby eh libuneema!

ie cco said...

wow... sweeeeeeeettttttttt!

shweetikle said...

yesh. shweet.

ps: xefge hithuga mihaaru abadhu onnanee x x x dhoo =p hmm hmm ;)