Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Quest

Here is the old age question that keep poppin up in my mind
Why do girls take so much tym in shower??


XefroX said...

i had the same question before..but now i have some idea...i ask some of my girl freinds about it n they says that they sing n playwih there hair..keke..cheeers

ie cco said...

1.girls got long hair
2.girls take a lot of time u knw to remove those hair men dont:P haha
3.girls girls do really like to smell good so they sometimes over do the bathing stuff
4.girls like to keep their hair nice so they put on like more than guys do
5.girls sing :P guys too
6.girls dance as well :P haha..atleast i do!
7.bla bla blaa... i duno what else
but im not that SLOW in toilet!!! thats all i know =)

aesha said...

wel i dont

i take quick shower thats only 3 mins

and long showers thats 10 mins

and extra long showers that is 20 minutes

and i dont think its loong if u think abt it..cux u guys even take long time in the shower

aan and one more think maybe all the girls takes time for bogu jehun ! hardu bogu means long time..:o)

mode said...

thnx buddys

mode said...

xef bro= ya ya
i-kko= really, i shud hav known
aesha= ooh

Anonymous said...

oh Mohd!! Im sorry that I cant say only girls take long time in shower!!
I have a bro n he takes nearly 1 hour anytime he takes bath.
I have the same question popping in my mind too..
may be for hardu bogu jahan dho:P:P

.mini said...

i think its coz of the hair
i used to have long hair before and it took me about one hour, erm, just not coz of the hair but all those what i-kko said and all
and now coz i have short hair, its easy! and specially now coz i wear burugaa i don't actually spend much time on my hair putting all conditioners and stuff
and yeah, men take a lot of time too :P
like my brother
well, hes okay, hes me brother
but there are others!
so u just cant say that women take a long time :P

mode said...

anonymous niu = u dont hav to b sorry to disagree :p BTW i nvr said boys dont take long showrs
mini = eer ya ma sis usd to hav longer hair before she startd to wear veil. Thats another Quest i guess

Thnx mini and anonymous niu

letoh said...

i don't care even if they take five hours in the long as they are clean and hygienic when they come out...come on guys...its only for us that they go through all this stuff...

.mini said...

well said letoh!

shweetikle said...

letoh has got a point! kihaa visneytha en! =p

and i totally agree with i-kko..

we can always make it fast if we want to..
one hour, 30 mins, 15 mins even 5 minutes it can be =D
it also depends on our mood ^.^