Sunday, November 25, 2007

ideas ideas ideeas

oh guyz and gurlz
im fooooooooohin
mY mood thse dayz is tuned to watch movies. so do me a favour.
Think damn well and suggest me hell of good movies to watch in this DeCemBer

By the way i think i hav touchd few nerves of girlz and fewer guyz in my previuos post.
And should my blog hav buddy list as other blogs??? ideas ideas i hav run out of them as always.

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ie cco said...

mode what kinda movies u like to watch? comedy, romance, horror??

i watch lots of comedies..some romance too..but not that much horror though..

i even wrote a post like that sometime ago i guess that post comments would help u... :)
many bloggers gave me lists of great movies u can choose from those lists :)

heres the link > link

have fun!

Anonymous said...

I can send u a movie in december..
I know u always wanted to watch A walk to remember.. so just wait for some few days.. I wil send u inshaAllah!!
n If possible I wil try to send u some hindi movie too.. how about om shanti om?? I think you wil love it..

.mini said...

i dont know much about movies :P

and about the blog list thing
thats totally up to you ennu!

mode said...

i-kko god bless u i-kko. U r tho thweeeeet lyk mini says.
anonymous niu heeehaaaaa im waitin waitin waitin for dat movies..
mini ya ekam mini men ge idea mi nikamethi alhugandu beynun

thnx i-kko, niu aaaaaaaaaaand mini

moyameehaa said...

use wikipedia for this... for example here is page if u r a fantasy film fan.

u can take for example:"List of fantasy films:2000s" for the latest of em.

or u can use a torrent page like this one which is a list of fantasy films with the one's with most seeds. or this page where all aXXo dvdrips are arranged with ones with most seeds first.

or u could simply go to a page like IMDB or rottentomatoes and read reviews and check out latest movies.

hope this would help you. :D

mode said...

Thnx in thousands to Moyameeeha
I'll check it.

yellowbanana said...

C'mmon...its december.. why are you glued to the telly. Start bloggin'