Sunday, November 25, 2007

ideas ideas ideeas

oh guyz and gurlz
im fooooooooohin
mY mood thse dayz is tuned to watch movies. so do me a favour.
Think damn well and suggest me hell of good movies to watch in this DeCemBer

By the way i think i hav touchd few nerves of girlz and fewer guyz in my previuos post.
And should my blog hav buddy list as other blogs??? ideas ideas i hav run out of them as always.

photo courtesy:its written in da pic

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Quest

Here is the old age question that keep poppin up in my mind
Why do girls take so much tym in shower??

Sunday, November 11, 2007

weird! strange!

There's somethin strange about writtin posts in blogs when you are in bed half-asleep, half-awaken, even more strange if you post usin ur mobile eh!
Well dats what im doin right now. Actually this is weird, down-right weird??
Im feelin i-dunno-wat-im-feelin. Today I talked to very close two friends of mine on da phone. We hav never talked or met since 2003. Though we haven't contacted each other ever since it seems dat nothin has changed, as if its yesterday we last saw each other not years ago.
This is what happened with one of them. When i was talkin on phone i could hear a baby mumblin den i asked whos mumblin she replied dat its her kid:) And it really is.sweet hehe.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Oooh its me again knockin in the door of the mvblogsphere.
Past threeee days i had some dump should-hav-been-abolished-years-ago-entrance-examination papers to process. Been enterin the candidates marks one by one wonderin whn will thse old fellows would stop torturin us and abolish thse stuupid exams.
My head is killin me. My finger are itchy. ** eeeeh aah**
It finished last night around 1:30. So there was me the happiest guy u can imagine**lalalallallala*.
Sleeepin.......then suddenly my phon goes mad. Its ONLY 8:33, its really morin 4 o'clock for me. One invigilator again faild to come on tym as usual.
So poor old meself has to drag the lazy body of mine to the examination hall before 8:45(secret: actually dat gives me 100 bucks okay)
Im pissd off because its for the 4th, mind you dats foooourth tym in this month i was deprived of the sweeet slyp i deservd, under all the constitutions that are bein written.... wht im talkin abt... back to the slyp again.