Wednesday, October 17, 2007

eer whats happenin

Its beeen a while that I was too lazy to update this blog.
And here I am now(no ballooooons, no firecrackers.........its my big come back)
It seeems the bloggers are undergoin a phase*wonderin what that means*.
(save the arguements for later) for more information read below.
Some bloggers are taking breaks like mini(she never does wat she intends to do so ended up in postin few posts after her official break), others are thinking of takin a break like shweeet (you kno what I think these girls are cracking their heads over the exams, anyway, girls take tests tooo seriously), and other bloggers have put a fullstop to their blogs like sujaa who listened to his pulseatheart and quited after being accused of boastin what he kno about his fellow bloggers in a mvblogpolice.I have no idea whether he has denied it or not.
May be its a small part of the pic to determine the whole picture of the blogs.
But may be its a trend!!!


ie cco said...

dude im still bloggin :P i go for breaks that is when im not in male but if im back.. nobody can stop me from blogging!! hehe

mode said...

Yeah thats the spirit
Dont quit bloggin

shweetikle said...

wow..i dinno that i was being written abt in a blog =p
well actually..exams are to be taken seriously..or else kamaku nudhaanethaa dho..but see! im back ennu =)