Friday, October 26, 2007


Im too bloody stupid.
Expected too much from other people.
Expected to get treated as I do.
How bloody wrong I am?

I never expected that she would ever (ever) do that?
I trusted her.
But why?
What on Earth made she think that I like them.

I can remember how they treated me.
As dirt, a nuisances.
A fool,
An attention seeking nerd.

And for all those things they did to me, she rewarded them with.....aaaargh!
I never invite people to become my friends,
Only thing I liked is the group,
I hate facebook,

And she screwed it up!

( Ps: im not in my right mind now.)


version said...

Dude,dont worry too much for anything :)
by the way ,nice blog u got here dude

ie cco said...

dude its not the end of the world as many ppl say...
its LIFE and it treats u like SHIT sometimes and u get ssooo fucked up!
Its better not to trust some one so much and expect a lot... well, thats my advice..
just calm down and tc of ya self..
btw nice template!

XefroX said...

kewl tamplate..then abt this i-kko said it..cheeers..kewl blog.

mode said...

i-kko,version,xefrox- thankx guys

Naina said...

well dude, just be careful about who you trust