Monday, September 24, 2007

Loosing my marbles.......!!

I'm missing someone
But i haven't got a clue who i'm missing.
Maybe i'm not missing some one.
Maybe i'm cracking up
eeeh I gotta do somethin,
But what to do?????

pic from here

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Science exhibition....

Last year I visited our primary school's science exhibition with some friends, i was very intrigued to see these little kids scratching their heads and explainin the concepts and theories of their exhibits...
Our group came across a very good one, with a little bulb and when the kid increases the resistance using a wire the brightness decreases, so we told him that its very nice and asked how it works....he started readin from his mind aloud that when resistance is increased the brightness there is nothing wrong with it, right??
then we asked the question that we thought would frighten the kid,
question is whats the use of that??
but the kid answered very honestly...... "eiee majaaa"
so there is nothin wrong with this answer either...
so we went to another exhibit....there is this little girl with a box, we have to pick a question and answer it.....
So i picked one
its some thing like this: whats needed to a rocket to go up in to space???
my answer, knowing that it would correct was FORCE.....but its wrong she said then i asked her the answer......then came the answer.......lots of fuel........ so there is nothing wrong with this answer...but then I tried to explain that its the force that generates from the fuel, she said its wrong...
this is what we have been taught in grade six and seven....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Overheard lines

Today I was surfing the internet and as usual it came a thing that grabbed my attention....say no more, check this one. This person says that these are all all are overheard lines by this person or his/her friends...I was thinking if we keep a goood ear from now on we would have bunch of these stuffs in no time. So why not give a try I say.