Monday, August 13, 2007

My Life

Little did I know that I would be studying in AEC since we failed to arrive on time for the Entrance exam.
Little did I know that I passed the Exam since I failed to turn up to collect the results on the day.
But I was able to sit the papers and I indeed got passed.

I joined the school and I was a fish out of water.
Little did I know by then school's captain that year would be my bestfriend since I saw her only when she was on her prefect duty and we never talked that year.
We became bestfriends. We talk or chat every single day now even though she is in another country.

Little did I know that my supervisor that year would be working with me in my very first job because I received my first punishment in school life from him.
But he is very close colleague of mine now and a fellow blogger too.


Anonymous said...

Little did I know you wud write this post so soon ,cox u told me you are having a writer's block.

Anonymous said...

Little did I know that you would you wud write this post as u said you were having writers' block...not so long ago!

finifenmaa said...

heheh nice post! little do we know vat's next in life for us dho?

shweetikle said...

little don't I know the best frend ur talking abt and the supervisor =s hehe..ok that dusnt make sense..newaz, who best frend and who supervisor? blogger? i wanna know! =D